Meet CranX

      Ntandazo Vuyile Mtshengu or better known as CranX is a pianist, music producer, singer/
songwriter and a DJ/performer from the small town of Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. He
was born on the 28th of February 1995. He started playing the piano at the age of 3. By 9
he was writing his own music and by 11 he was producing music using a DAW.
CranX’s love for music grew stronger when he was in primary school, where he used to
perform in school productions and church concerts. From a really young age, he’s
teachers and parents saw his strong passion and talent for music.
He had his first song playlist on Tru Fm in 2012, when he was strongly influenced by Hip Hop at the time.
The following year saw a change in CranX’s music as he was introduced to EDM
(Electronic Dance Music) in his matric year at Durban High School. In the same year, he
caught the ears of radio DJ’s from different parts of the world, such as the USA, France,
Austria, Australia and England, where his song Ambitious was playlisted on the different
In 2014 he studied music at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he was studying
Jazz. The influence also saw a revolution in his music, as he started incorporating jazz
chords into his sound, which is where he came up with the style of music he calls Afro
In the same year, he featured American vocalist Shannon Liam Winant on a song titled
Mostly Water, which Playlisted on various stations around the country, such as BayFM, Tru
FM, Vow FM and many more.
In 2015 the music video for Mostly Water was playlist on BAY TV. He also had his song
Pump win the ‘Battle of The Bass’ competition on the show living Electro, on VOW FM. He
then performed on the show Big 1 Up on BayTV and was booked to perform at Durban
July the same year.
In 2015 CranX also dropped his EP A ‘Dream In Reality’ which was getting a lot of love and
articles from France. The whole EP was focused on his sound Afro Electro.
In 2016 CranX only released 1 song, titled So Peacefully, which is on iTunes, Apple Music,
Beatport and many more worldwide online shops.
In 2017, he dropped his EP “Last Night Out” which was inspired by all the challenges and
changes that he has been going through in his life. The EP has the influence of all the
music he has ever done and shows the growth in his music.
He then also produced Naledi Boltina’s single titled Indoda with African Roots, which is
playlisted on many radio stations in South Africa and London.

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